Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easing tax-filing day

Today Obama declared he would ease tax-filing day, and make "a simpler tax code that rewards work and the pursuit of the American dream." But the American dream is prideful, self-centered and egotistical. What vanity. If he wants to make things simpler it might not hurt to return to the time when there was no United States personal income tax at all. But that, no doubt, is too simple for him to figure out. That though is no excuse for him. I hope he makes a good repentance from the road he is on before it is too late.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About Obama’s Economy Remarks On 4-14-09

Today the USA president, Obama, has pitched his plan for a “new industry and commerce” as well as “reformed” health care and let us not forget his “new energy” plan that will light the world. We should understand all of this as a devilish and wicked impostor of life in a zombie world. This the president wants us to be “proud” of.

Nobody should be prideful of such satanic schemes as the USA continues to put forth. One of the many copouts he gives is that “No one really knew” the value of assets. We ought not accept that lame excuse, even children can understand how over valued and over inflated our economic system is.

The crooked bankers have created this mess by their credit for interest. Usury is forbidden by God, they reap what they sow. The solution of Bush and Obama is more of the same, to barrow more on interest and give it to these law breaking bankers. Obama is doing this, he says, because only banks are allowed to loan “eight or ten dollars” for every one dollar they have. This is really a nightmare of the worst proportions. How is this not over valuing?

This is setting up more risk during a time when people have lost much of what they already had. The plan is doomed to fail. They can only play with fake money for so long before people are going to get tired of it and quit altogether.

Obama wants to “first do no harm” but the truth is that everything he is suggesting is harmful and deadly to say the least. He wants a 21st century auto industry which is entirely toxic and poisonous in ways people should realize but do not. He speaks of “clean energy” which is oxymoronic as nitrogen, even wind and solar power require polluting petroleum to be produced, transported and maintained. The president is truly forgetting about all the consequences to his most terrible actions. There is no such thing as clean modern technology and his ideas of renewable energy are misleading at best. Putting a cap on pollution does not solve the current crimes. There is a lot more to it than what is suggested.

So, to top it all off, Obama admitted, that while at the G20 meetings the other week that everyone agreed to triple the lending capacity of the International Money Fund. How hopeless can they get??? It is exactly this kind of mentality which has created the money system the world has operated under for the last several centuries and is proven to be a sham over and over. They are not coming to their senses.

Obama judges the success of his nation by the ability of other nations to “buy what we sell” which sounds very much like the mark of the beast where nobody can buy and sell anything without it. All of this is to assist the credit with interest system that is set so firmly in place by our antichrist-like rulers.

The president has already begun an “education system to prepare workers for a new age” and this includes starting indoctrination with three year olds. Also all civilians must support the military, right down to teaching children warfare tactics.

Health care is more dangerous than people are willing to admit. Most people admit that modern medicine has side effects but they falsely think the benefits outweigh the harm. They are not saying everything they know and there is more to it than even this. We should have the attitude that God gives, God takes away. But that is not the idea behind modern medical practices. The poisons that come from the medical field are not well counted. It is a lie and God will destroy those who destroy the earth. The whole idea of privacy is really a joke too, for what is done in secret will be shouted from the roof tops.

One of the most preposterous ideas which is being put forth is the idea of prosperity. This is the sin of pride, which the devil fell by. Let us not fall into the same trap where we being to accept the delusion that says we must increase or temporary living conditions. This is not what life is about in the first place. If we give our life away we will find it, this is the good news.

All these things the president thinks we all need, but the truth is that the human race lived for ages without any of them. So we do not need what he is saying we need. His tax laws will never be “fair and balanced” as he claims.

Obama thinks the deficit is not going up, but last March was the worst March deficit, so he is not saying the truth there either. At every turn there is deception and falling deeper into the dark pit. His recovery will take a decade, which is time we likely will not even have at this rate. The government now has new evil air weapons that are not as expensive, so he can speak misguidedly of lower defense costs.

When are we ever going to start regretting and return to godly practices, entirely forsaking all forms of petroleum use and impostor monies and the usurping medical practices which do more harm than good? The buck stops here as some people like to say. So where are all of us with this? I hope we are all ready to walk away from it, my efforts are towards this end, total separation from all these things. At least to the extent possible, we all ought to search how far away we all can really go. We might be surprised where we can make it to if we put our minds to it. Forsake this generation and look to do only what is right, it is the only way. Flee to the mountains, bring nothing of this world with you and do not look back.

Here is a transcript of this speech he gave today